Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At, we respect your privacy and are committed to ensuring that all necessary security measures are firmly in place. has instituted policies intended to safeguard your privacy and to ensure that your personal information is handled in a safe and responsible manner. In support of this, we only use the personal information that you provide to create a more personalised shopping experience for you, in accordance with the terms outlined below:

The Privacy Policy applies only to the information collected at By visiting our website, you consent to the collection and use of the information. This Privacy Policy does not apply to websites maintained by other companies or organisations to which we link. is not responsible for any personal information you submit to third parties via our website. Please ensure that you read the Privacy Policy of such other companies or organisations before submitting your details.

If you are under 16, requires that you inform, and have the consent of, a Parent/Guardian to authorise purchases, or to set up an online account. If becomes aware that they have collected personally identifiable information from a child under the age of 16, all information pertaining to that child will be removed from the files.
Online Information Collection And Use

During your visit to our website, gathers navigational information such as the user’s domain type, browser version, service provider and IP address. This navigational information enables us to better understand the technical efficiencies of our website and services and the visitor's experiences and preferences. With the information collected during the registration process, is able to provide personalised content and services. The account information supplied will be used for the processing of the requested commerce transactions or to contact you regarding specific transactions. We may also use this information in order to generate reports that help us determine how to improve our users' experience.
1. Personal Information may ask you to provide personal information when you create a new account or update your online account, e-newsletter or check the status of an order. Information collected is for the purpose of providing a more efficient and personal experience for you, our customer.

We can use your personal information to:

    provide a more user friendly experience by not having to enter your personal information more than once;
    assist you in searching for information, products and services more efficiently;
    create website content with brands & styles that are relevant to you; and
    advise you of new information, products and services.

All customer information is solely for marketing and business purposes and to enhance your overall shopping experience. The data includes customer information we gather through processing your purchase orders on our web site. We may also use your contact information to e-mail you newsletters, to inform you of new products, special features and promotion at You may choose to submit feedback at

1.You may update or correct your personal information by simply clicking on “My Account”, enter your email address and password and make any changes needed. You may opt in or out of promotions, emails, sms, or close your account. All emails will have an easy unsubscribe link so that you can remove yourself from futher emails.
2. Registration and Ordering

In order to make purchases on, you must create an account, or sign in to your existing account. During registration, you will be asked to provide certain personal information, including but not limited to, your name, shipping and billing addresses, contact numbers, email address, birthday, gender and product specification which comes with Purity,quality,quantity. You are not required to enter any credit card or payment information at registration as does not store payment information.

The information collected is used for billing, delivery, order fulfillment, communication and marketing purposes, as well as to provide you with updates.
3. Updates To This Privacy Policy

If updates this Privacy Policy, updates will be viewed on this site. You can have peace of mind and be aware of what information we collect, use and disclose. We encourage you to review this Privacy Policy from time to time. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, this site, or your relationship with, you can contact us at the following details.
or email
Our Prices

Price on are in United states Dollars and include GST.
Terms and Conditions of Sale

    Sale applies to stock on hand only
    No special orders
    No rainchecks
    Discounts not to be used in conjunction with any other offer
Your Commitments

    You warrant that all information provided by you in your Account application is complete, accurate and correct and is not misleading. We may rely on that information unless and until we receive written notice of any change signed by you. Any such varied information will be covered by this warranty.
    You warrant that you have full capacity, power and are otherwise properly authorised to enter into obligations and exercise rights pursuant to these Terms. If you are the trustee of a trust or a superannuation fund you further warrant that any transaction is for the benefit of the trust or superannuation fund and that you have the right to be fully indemnified out of trust assets or the superannuation fund for obligations incurred in any transaction.
    You represent that at all times during your dealings with us you will be in a position to meet all your commitments and obligations arising from these dealings.

RGM is not responsible for the reliability, completeness or accuracy of any third party information it provides or makes available to you. is entitled to rely on instructions from any Authorised Agent that you appoint until it has actual notice in writing from you that such appointment has been revoked. has the right to correct any trading or administrative errors including but not limited to reversing or cancelling an invoice or purchase order without your consent and without liability or recourse against RGM. operating policy is as follows: RGM endeavours to deal fairly and in due turn with all orders to buy and sell Product regardless of your instructions, source or method of delivery. It is the practice of RGM to deal with all orders in the sequence in which they are received, and otherwise as expeditiously as practicable but no Product will be released or dispatched earlier than receipt of notification by RGM from its bank of the purchase monies becoming Available Funds.
    You agree and warrant that you will notify RGM immediately of any errors or omissions in our records with respect to your details or Account, all changes must be received in writing or via email.
    RGM reserves the right to suspend trading, or immediate fulfillment of orders in times of high market volatility or fast moving market conditions.When we agree to arrange delivery, transport, insurance or storage of Product on your behalf, we do so as your agent and to the maximum extent permitted by law, without liability.Title in any Product passes to you when we receive Available Funds. Risk in any Product passes to you when you take possession of the Product. You assume all risk and liability for loss, damage, injury to persons or your property, or property belonging to a third person, arising out of the use, possession of or dealings with any of the Product sold by us, (including changes in your financial situation), unless recoverable from us on the failure of any statutory guarantee under the CL.There's always room for refunds and reenbursement of funds if we can not meet us with buyers payments Orders As security for the due and punctual payment of the Secured Moneys you grant RGM a Security Interest in all Products held by RGM on your behalf.Any period or date for delivery of Product or provision of Services stated by us is an estimate only and not a contractual commitment.
    We will use our reasonable endeavours to meet any estimated dates for delivery of the Product but will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you or any third party for failure to meet any estimated date.If we cannot complete the Services by any estimated date, we will complete the Services within a reasonable time.

These Terms are governed by the laws of International chamber of commerce & Trade
Your Instructions

    All instructions are subject to the law, and these Terms.
    It is your responsibility to ensure that all instructions given to RGM (whether by you or an Authorised Agent) are in accordance with the law, and these Terms.
    If we consider it is in our reasonable interest to do so and to the extent permitted by law, we may decline to act on your behalf in relation to any particular dealings, without explanation or advance notice. Additionally we may decline to act on your behalf where we:
        believe the transaction would result in no change of beneficial ownership;
        believe the instructions are ambiguous, incomplete or unclear; or
        suspend your account due to unpaid or overdue accounts
    If more than one person constitutes the client, then they are jointly and severally bound by these Terms and we are entitled to act upon the instructions of any one of those persons unless specified otherwise on the account application form.

Payment and Settlement Obligations and Default

    You must pay RGM:
        The full purchase price for any Product, commission, fees and charges in connection with your Account and our services at the rates and currency notified by us in writing from time to time;  
 You are required to provide Available Funds to pay for all costs in connection with a purchase of Product, by settlement date or at any earlier time as required by RGM.
    In the event of any default by you in the fulfillment of any of your obligations to us:
         employees, contractors and agents) in respect of any and all losses, claims and expenses incurred by us as a result of your default; and
        Without limiting the generality we may exit all and any positions taken by us in relation to your Contract, including any physical contracts, in which case you will indemnify us in respect of any costs and losses we may incur as a result of exiting any position; and
        Without limiting the generality if you default in payment of an invoice (which includes termination or cancellation of an order by you) you will pay us the difference between the price invoiced to you for any Product, and the current buyback price (as determined by us) of the Product as at the date your default is processed; and Without limiting the generality if you default in payment of an invoice and your invoice remains outstanding for over ninety (90) days, RGM may call on the Security Interest granted by you pursuant to these Terms and seize and dispose of Products held by us in satisfaction of monies owed by you to ABC pursuant to Chapter 4 of the PPSA.
        You irrevocably authorise us to debit your Account (including your credit card account) in respect of any such losses; and
        We may refuse to accept or fulfill any further orders from you for Product or our Services.

Except as these Terms state, or as contained in any express warranty provided in relation to the Product or our Services, the Contract does not include by implication any other term, condition or warranty in respect of the quality, merchantability, acceptability, fitness for purpose, condition, description, assembly, manufacture, design or performance of the Product or our Services or any contractual remedy for their failure.
    If you are a consumer nothing in these Terms restricts, limits or modifies your rights or remedies against us for failure of a statutory guarantee under the CL.
    If you on-supply the Product to a consumer, subject to these Terms:
        if the goods are not of a kind ordinarily acquired for personal, domestic or household use or consumption, then the amount specified in section 276A(1) of the CL is the absolute limit of our liability to you howsoever arising under or in connection with the sale, use of, trading, storage or any other dealing with the Product or our Services by you or any third party;
        otherwise, payment of any amount required under section 274 of the CL is the absolute limit of our liability to you howsoever arising under or in connection with the sale, use of, trading, storage or any other dealing with the Product or our Services by you or any third party
    If you use up or transform the Product in the course of trade, and when you supply your own goods to a consumer the Product are no longer “goods” as defined in the CL then we will not be liable to you or the consumer in any way arising under or in connection with the sale, use of, storage or any other dealings with the goods or Product by you or any third party.
        you have not relied on any service involving skill and judgement, or on any advice, recommendation, information or assistance provided by us in relation to the Product or services or their use or application.
        you have not made known, either expressly or by implication, to us any purpose for which you require the goods or services and you have the sole responsibility of satisfying itself that the Product or services are suitable for your use.
    You agree to release RGM, its subsidiaries, and their respective directors, employees, contractors and agents from any obligation or liability with respect to any loss, whether direct or consequential, that you suffer or incur in connection with your business dealings with ABC except to the extent of liability imposed by the ACL.
    RMG shall not be liable for any loss arising in connection with the operation (including delays and errors) breakdowns, disruption to or malfunction of any system, device or service except to the extent of liability imposed by the ACL.
    Nothing in the Terms is to be interpreted as excluding, restricting or modifying or having the effect of excluding, restricting or modifying the application of any State or Federal legislation applicable to the sale of goods or supply of services which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified.


    We reserve the right to vary these Terms. Any variation of these Terms shall apply to all dealings between you and us from the day on which the variation takes effect.


    Any notice, request, demand or other communication may be sent to your postal or electronic address last notified to us and the notice, request, demand or other communication shall be taken to have been received by you if sent by prepaid letter on the Business Day following posting and if sent by facsimile or other electronic means.


    Subject to the completion of any outstanding obligations, these arrangements may be terminated by either party giving not less than seven days written notice to the other party.


    You must not assign any Agreement without prior written consent of RGM. RGM may assign any Agreement without notice to you.


    If the whole or any part of a provision of any Agreement is or shall become void, unenforceable or illegal, the remainder of any Agreement shall have full force and effect. The parties agree that in such a case, the provision held void unenforceable or illegal shall be replaced by such provision that in its commercial and legal context is most similar to the provision held void, unenforceable or illegal.

Online ID Check

    The CML/ATF Act and AML/CTF Rules require reporting entities, such as RGM, to establish and maintain an AML/CTF Program to identify, manage and mitigate the money laundering and terrorism financing risks associated with RGM’s products, clients, delivery channels and jurisdictions. This includes carrying out a procedure that verifies a client’s identity before providing a designated service to our clients.
    We are required by the CML/ATF Act and AML/CTF Rules to collect Your Information and to verify your identity before we can trade with you.
    If you do not wish to attend our office, we can collect Your Information and verify your identity electronically.  In order to do so, we will ask you for Your Information and details of your identification documents.  Your Information will be passed to external organisations in order to electronically match your information with identification data on their databases,  These organisations will assess and advise us whether all or some of Your Information you provide match their records.
    The external organisations used to match Your Information and identity are:
        Document Verification Service (DVS):  
    The documents used to match Your Information and identity may include:
        birth certificates;
        certificates of registration by descent;
        change of name certificates;
        citizenship certificates;
        driver licences;
        marriage certificates;
        Medicare cards;
        Passports; and
    Please note, that providing false or misleading information about your identity is an offence under the CML/ATF Act.You do not have to proceed with online verification.  You can choose to attend our office to complete the identification process in person in order to complete your online identification we will exchange Your Information with external organisations, including;
        credit reporting agencies;
        independent, private-sector organisations;
        government departments; and
        outsourced service providers who co-ordinate the electronic identification process and who may conduct additional matches against public or proprietary databases.
    By proceeding with online identification, you permit these external organisations to record, use and disclose Your Information in accordance with their own privacy policies and legal obligations.
    Neither RGM not its out-sourced service providers will access records held about you by these external organisations other than for the purpose of matching Your Information you have chosen to enter through the RGM website.
    If we are unable to verify your identity electronically, one of our client service team will advise you if this is the case within 24-48 hours.
    We must obtain express and informed consent from you prior to making a verification request; this consent can be indicated online or on the phone.

Third-party Payments

    As a general rule, RGM does not accept third-party payments in relation to your purchase of a Product unless the reason for that method of payment is advised to RGM and accepted by ABC acting in its sole discretion.
    By transacting with RGM, you acknowledge and agree that:
        RGM may not be able to verify whether or not you have settled your account with RGM pursuant to a third-party payment;
        All payments made to RGM have been made to RGM by the person(s) to whom the invoice is addressed; and
        To the extent that you have made a third-party payment to RGM that ABC subsequently becomes aware of, RGM reserves the right to delay delivery of a Product until the reasons for that method of payment are advised to RGM and accepted by RGM acting in its sole discretion.


Website Terms of Use,Material & Information
Material on our website may be generalised or summarised for the purpose of convenience, and may have details omitted that could be significant to particular persons, or in a particular context.
Users should verify the relevance of the information on this site for their own business or personal needs. It is not intended to be nor should it be relied on as a substitute for legal or other professional advice.
Images are for illustration purposes only. Bullion bars supplied may vary in finish, including colour tone, surface texture and shape. Image quality may also vary when viewed on different browsers and mobile devices.
Material on this website is for non-commercial personal use only. All material, including internet pages, graphics, documents and videos are protected by copyright law. Copyright resides with RGM. No part may be reproduced or re-used for any commercial purposes without written permission of RGM.
The price quoted at the time of submission of your application is indicative only and subject to our confirmation.  RGM takes no responsibility for any price feed errors from third party sources and reserves the right to correct or amend invoices or purchase orders should external feeds be interrupted or unavailable.
Any link or links on our website to an external site is provided for your convenience only. RGM does not control or monitor such sites, and is not responsible for the content or opinions that might be on them. We make no warranties or representations that material on other websites to which material is linked.
While RGM endeavours to provide a secure internet environment, users should note that there are inherent risks associated with transmission of information via the internet. RGM provides alternate methods to obtain and provide information for those who do not wish to use public networks such as the internet. These include direct contact via telephone, facsimile or post.
RGM has implemented what is considered appropriate security features for our website but it and the underlying systems may be subject to attack from unauthorised persons.
Your Obligations
You agree to provide accurate, true and current information about yourself and maintain that information. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and account information and the activities conducted on your account. You agree to notify us immediately of any unauthorised use of your password or any breach of security.
RGM attempts to make our website available to users when required. However, RGM cannot guarantee to provide continuous or uninterrupted access to this website. RGM also cannot guarantee the website or software downloaded from it will be free from computer viruses.
Note RGM is a registered Trademark Precieous Metals Trading company