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About Robertson precious Gold Mining

Why you can count on Robertson precious Gold Mining

We started with an Humble beginning Mining and focusing on Gold Mining, As our name Imply Robertson Gold Mining, as time unfold we began to grow and expanding into other Areas of Mining establishing, acquiring and partnering with other miners, In 2010 we affiliated / acquire several Diamond and copper Mines. Then we went into heavy mining of rough diamonds and copper cathode Mining and sales. We are licensed precious metals Miners and Sellers with the Capacity to deliver Gold, Rough diamonds & copper cathode to trusted buyers anywhere in the world. We wish to establish working agreement with the Trusted Buyers.

We are PROFESSIONAL, RELIABLE & RESPONSIBLE with proven past record of successful performance. We offer notable discount and affordable price to our buyers, at a very cheaper and affordable rate. We Began Trading since 2011, Robertson precious Metals Mining is an independent precious metals Miners & dealer. Our brand of precious metals is widely regarded as one of the cornerstones of the physical gold trading system.

Robertson precious Metals have a good testament market leading position as premier precious Metals Mining Company. All Robertson precious Metals Mining products are proudly handled by accredited professionals in the Precious metals production Industry, who are involved in the refining and processing of precious metals

 We sell at competitive prices and have greater capacity for immediate supply of a full range of precious metals products.  We also have the capacity through scale of being able to sell larger amounts of precious, settling immediately in cash.

We also have our very popular and widely trusted Robertson precious Metals scaling system.  These lustrous cast bars provide people with the added comfort of knowing it’s come from a trusted source.  We stand behind our entire branded product 100%.

Many of our older customers will remember our humble beginnings, In addition to our trading practice we are also dedicated to providing education to our current and prospective customers.  The reality is we live in a world where the mainstream media and education institutions are reluctant to report on some of the real drivers in precious metals markets.

We are a Registered and established Mining & trading company, we are Legal and bonafide owners of all the commodities mentions above, We are PROFESSIONAL, RELIABLE & RESPONSIBLE with proven past record of successful performance,

1) On AU Gold ,we able and capable of supplying up to Tested / Assay 50 MT of Gold Yearly and at least 1500 kg gold supply monthly,

2) On Rough Diamonds we able to supply tested/ Verified High Gem Quality of 400,000 carats Rough diamonds yearly and atleast 7000ct to 10,000 ct supply to buyer monthly,

3)On copper cathode we are able to supply 99.9% purity copper 250,000 MT yearly and 5000 MT - 10,000 MT Monthly,

One thing that has never changed is the way we conduct ourselves:
Mission Statement. We looking forward to long business relationship with any capable buyer, we welcome all contract and commitment given to us, we have the capacity to  supply weekly/monthly for a long period of 1yr - 5yrs

Our Purpose:

To provide optimal service and to exceed the expectation of our clients.

Our Philosophy:

    Hold ourselves committed and accountable in the pursuit of client satisfaction.
    Offer and provide genuine value for money.
    Acknowledge the loyalty of our clients and deal with them promptly, honestly, professionally, and in a friendly manner.
    Provide education and information to allow our customers to understand their investment and better protect their wealth.

Robertson precious Gold Mining Founded in 2009, fastest growing online Precious Metals retail stores. Our passion for Mining & Trading of REAL Gold, Rough Diamonds & copper cathode and the highest quality Precious Metals retail stores and making it affordable and accessible to you was the catalyst for our journey

When you speak with one of our team (and we sincerely hope you do), you will quickly realise one thing – we love Precious Metals we have enjoy Mining  Gold, Rough diamonds & copper cathode – who wouldn’t?

Our philosophy is simple –have great product, stand behind it with confidence for its value pricing and back it with the best customer service.

When Robertson precious Metals  started its journey we set ourselves the goal to deliver the finest quality gold, Rough Diamonds & copper cathode at an everyday value price. Robertson precious Metals has high quality precious metal that suit all business owner and private users.

At the heart of Robertson precious Metal are our core values. We not only believe in providing quality, value priced precious metals, we also feel strongly about community commitment and actively work within our community. We participate in the fundraising activities of local schools, sporting clubs, community radio, and social clubs in smaller organisations.


Other services

Robertson Precious Metals Consultanting & Investment Counsellors

Robertson Precious Metals Mining Investment Team are group of Mining professionals from the Department of Mineral & Energy that support viable investors to achieve their dreams. Over the years Robertson Precious Metals have ventured into Consultant and Enjoin prospective Client who wish into invest into Natural Minerals & Energy. We also Involved in Copper Mining and sales of copper ore, copper cathode. Robertson Precious Metal are specialist in counselling and assisting Investor in various Mineral resource & Energy Areas below: Robertson Precious Metals Assist Interested Investors in diverse Mining Minerals & Energy Exploration as stated Below :

- We Assist Investors who wish to sign contract agreement on the purpose of leasing Gold Mine / Diamond Mine for specific period (could be 10 yrs - 50 yrs Gold/Diamond production operations.)

-  We Assist Investors who wish to Rent Gold Mine / Diamond Mine for specific period (could be 10 yrs - 50 yrs Gold/Diamond production operations.

- We Assist Investors who wish to acquire License to Mine Gold  / Diamond  for specific period (could be 10 yrs - 50 yrs Gold/Diamond production operations).

- We Assist Investors who wish to Buy /Selling of Gold Mine / Diamond Mine

Robertson Precious metals consulting Department is a human resource consulting practice created to address the needs of mid-size and international business Investors looking to unlock the frequent difficulties faced in the Minerals, Energy & Mining Industry.

To Beat The Competition You Have To Maintain Your Best Asset. Our job is to help investors maximize the contribution without fuss and elaborate jargon .Our team of experts has extensive experience in working in the Mining Industry and with large consulting practices; we harness that capability and distil into approaches and techniques to help our clients overcome Mining challenges quickly and economically. Plus, we collaborate with various trusted partners to help us expand our services as needed to meet the needs of our clients.