8.8-Carat Cushion-Cut, Green to Pink Color-Change Diaspore Gemstone

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Attractive, 8.8-Carat, Untreated, Super-Clean, Cushion-Cut, Green to Pink Color-Change Diaspore Gemstone from Turkey.8.8 ct Cushion-Cut Green/Pink Color-Change Diaspore 19 x 5.4 mm
Guaranteed 100% Natural Gem

Type:     Color-Change Diaspore
Weight:     8.84 ct 1 gem    
Size:(more)     25 x 8.4 x 6 mm
Clarity:     VVS-VS
Treatment:     None
Origin:     Turkey
This natural Green/Pink Color-Change Diaspore originates from Turkey and its weight is about 4.1 carats. The measurements are 19 x 5.4 mm (length x width x depth). The shape/cut-style of this Green/Pink Color-Change Diaspore is Cushion-Cut and has been graded VVS-VS clarity. This 4.1ct Multicolor Color-Change Diaspore gem is available to order and can be shipped anywhere in the world. Gemstone Certification can also be provided as an optional service.

Guarantee / Certification

    All gemstones are natural!
    All photos and videos are of the actual gem for sale (No Stock Photos)
    We offer certification from AIGS for USD 250.00 (10-15 additional days)
    We also offer certification from the BGL lab for USD 150.00 only (5-10 days)

Size and Weight
  Gems are always measured in Millimeter (mm)
    Compare mm Size with US coins
    Dimensions are given as length x width x depth, except for round stones which are diameter x depth
    Select gems by size, not by weight! Gem varieties vary in density, so carat weight is not a good indication of size
    Note: 1ct = 0.2g

Additional Quantities

    Every item is unique, so you can only order 1 of each item
    However, we often have similar or matching items. If so, we display them on the same gem detail page

Clarity Explained

    IF = Loupe Clean - Internally flawless; free of inclusions
    VVS = Almost Loupe Clean - Very, very slight inclusions; inclusions barely seen under 10x magnification
    VS = Eye Clean - Very slight inclusions; inclusions can be seen under 10x magnification
    SI = Slightly included - Small inclusions can be seen with the naked eye
    I1 = Included - Inclusions can be seen with the naked eye
    Transparent = A gemstone having the property of transmitting light without serious diffusion / may have rutile or other inclusions
    Translucent = Allowing light to pass through, but not transparent
    Opaque = Does not allow light to pass through

Return Policy

    All gems have a 30-day inspection period, which begins on the date of delivery. Gems may be returned for a full refund during this period.
    Please email us for return authorization code when returning a gem.
    For more details click here

Heating a gemstone to high temperatures sometimes improves the color and clarity. This treatment is common for sapphire, ruby, tanzanite, apatite and blue zircon


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